Heal nose ring bump with turmeric!


Hello all,

First, to clear the air, this post is much different from the others I have posted on this page thus far. That being said, honestly, with my track record, I haven’t posted much on this page since 2014? Anywho… I thought I’d share this!

This is all about piercings and turmeric so please stay tuned!

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I got my nose pieced over 2 months ago, Saturday April 4th, 2015 to be exact. Got it done during Spring break! Since I currently work as a high school teacher at a private school, whose name will never be mentioned ;), I had to get a nice discrete nose ring. Pretty much it looks like a mole.

Nose piercing day 1

Nose piercing day 1

You’re wondering how my students, staff and admin might have reacted? Well, firstly, I made sure to keep my beautiful lips sealed! No one really noticed it except for like 4 students. When asked directly “is that a nose ring?” My response was one of “Okay, class let’s get started on…[bla,bla.bla]/ “Or go back to desk for me and get started on…[yada, yada, yada],” thus dodging the question.  If any staff noticed they said nothing, and admin? Well they never noticed. Thank God!

My point? Well it’s about a recent discovery I found for those you out there looking for awesome ways to get rid of ugly nose piercing bumps that can occur when you get your nose pierced.  Literally 3 weeks in of having my my piercing, I was teaching in front of my classroom when by way of some freak accident, my glasses slid off my nose, I tried to catch them, which I did, but in the process they caught my nose ring! Ouch! The kids where reading some amazing Civics classwork and I was able to make a run to the restroom, only to discover…DUN!DUN! DUN!!!!….that my nose piercing was bleeding! Owie! I cleaned it up, got some salt and mixed it with water, creating an emergency cleaning solution. I prayed all was well and went on about my day. Well, when I got home I did my normal cleaning routine. There was no bump for a few days and I thought I was Scott-clear…. Well scott and clear were darn wrong!

A week later I discovered and ugly bump, it would bleed when I cleaned it , it hurt to touch and just seemed like the skin remained raw under the piercing. It had been doing to well till  the trauma. Two weeks after the freak accident with my treacherous glasses, I my poor nose was suffering. I tried the sea salt mask (where you take your cleaning sea salt and make it into a paste  with water letting it sit on the bump overnight) And it worked for the first time. After a few days with the salt it seamed to clear, for the most part. Sadly though it came back a few weeks later (not trauma induced, it was just unhappy I guess).

Dreaded nose bump!

Dreaded nose bump!

This time I did the salt soak and nothing….I tried tea tree oil and…nothing. I tried lavender oil mixed with tea tree oil and the salt paste and nothing. “Really?!” Is what I wanted to say to the inanimate bump on nose piercing. Thankfully, the thought popped in my head. Hey, nose piercings before becoming a fashionable statement in the west,  originated in India and parts of Africa. I wondered if there were Indian remedies for nose piercings with turmeric (its a wonder spice! Seriously!)

I found something on google like 5 pages in, but it was something. I figured these are some of things I already know about turmeric:

Image result for turmericIt’s awesome!

The blog I found this turmeric secrete on was a acctually a forum. The original poster mentioned a folk remedy their Indian grandma always used it was turmeric and warm neem oil made into a paste and applied daily to the piercing. I didn’t have neem oil so I used the next best thing–lavender oil. So why not try a turmeric paste on my piercing?  It couldn’t hurt it being antibiotic and all, so I did…and drum rollllllllllllllll The bump on my nose was reduced by half! I made a paste out of turmeric, lavender oil and water, I made it look like paste. I cleaned my nose first with the saline solution made from sea salt then, I applied the turmeric paste to the bump and let it sit overnight and voila! In the morning I cleaned it again with the sea salt solution and it was magical. lol

By the way here is what lavander cam do for you too:

Uses for lavander

Uses for lavander

Yeah, so I figure it was a powerful duo, and they are! Turmeric and Lavender foreva! lol

Before and after!CYMERA_20150604_130123

The bump is gone! It only took me two nightime applications and the bump is gone!

Also found another blog talking about turmeric and nose bumps check it out:


I hope that if you’re having any trouble that this helps! Please let me know what you think!

2 years and Counting


Hello once again,
It has truly been an eternity since I have leafy posted anything. Apologies!

It had been two years since I have started growing my hair out as of October and I have not done my hair it’s proper justice. Hopefully today I can correct that wrong…

Updated? Well, let’s see… I was originally with my jet black I have been blond for about a year


and have just recently gone to a red…


So length check for so far





Here it is
Hehe! Yay!

Below is comparative picture of my hair at year (on the left) and at 2 years (on the right)

Trying out Beautiful Textures, review


Okay, hello fellow bloggers,

I realize it has been quite a minute since I’ve written anything, but here is an update!

Recently I was trying to buy some more Kinky-Curly product gel for my hair, and lo and behold there was none left in the store. So instead of traveling high and low to find some more, my thought was, “well,
God, help me find something that works just as well, if not better, and all for a better price…”

Don’t you know before I could even finish the thought this bright orange bottle catches my eye, and in fact its a whole product line, and I get a good feeling about it and decided to try it out… So I buy Beautiful Textures and I have to say….I think its awesome!! The picture is of how my hair turned out about 60% dry.

Just so you know, application is key! I raked the product section by section through my hair and  after I finished that through my whole head I shook my head just to help set the curls and that seemed to work 🙂

I’ve been using this gel along with the leave-in co and I enjoy it, it smells great. I finish my process off with spraying my hair with a spay bottle with water, glycerin, and a touch of lavender essential oil!

The product price:
Gel- $7
Leave in – $6
Deep co- $7

Over all I’m satisfied with results!


Quick update: I dyed my hair and project review


Hi all, I know that it has been a minute since I’ve posted anything, but as a quick update, I dyed my hair and I’ve recently tried some new products, some I think I might even recommend. 😉

So about 5days ago, on Sunday, I was talking with some friends about hair dye and I got this really strong desire to dye my hair…so on Sunday night I was thinking “hey! I’m gonna dye my hair honey blonde!” And people of blog land that’s just what I did, however it didn’t turn out honey blonde…. It turned out brown, dark brown. Lol allbeit, the box said leave on for 30minutes, I left it on for 45-maybe even an hour… (Bad, bad! I know!) But still my hair was not blonde or anywhere near honey…it was a nice brown. Here’s a pic below



Not much a major diff.
So I decided, that’s not the color I wanted so on Monday I re-dyed my hair with the same honey blonde color and left it on 45 minutes as well (of course I was checking the color every few minutes. If you try this yourself and you’re a first timer, first I would say is pray! And second check the colour every few minutes beyond the recommended time.)

So after my second try here is what my hair turned out as



I love it, it certainly doesn’t fall into a “blonde” category, but it does fall into a ginger category. I’ve been loving it!!!

I will say this though, after dying it two times in a row it was very dry so I had to do some deep moisturizing treatment. (Asuie most conditioner with honey and the stuff they gave as conditioner in the dye package)

All in all, I’m quite pleased…and I just realized, this isn’t so short of an update..lol sorry.

Product Update:
I finally have the complete product line of Kinky-Curly. I didn’t buy it all together, because I just don’t want to spend that much money in one sitting not to have the product not work, ya know…

So maybe 3months ago I bought the Knot Today (conditioner) and the shampoo and it was awesome and detangled my hair like no other!
The shampoo felt a bit drying…
So like 3-4 weeks ago I finally bought the Kinky-Curly gel and its supposed to bring out your curls…so after I dyed my hair this week I tried it and…

Drum roll….


My hair when I put the Knot Today on first, then ran the gel on top of it, my hair curled up and all my curls from the root to the tip were fabulous!!! I’ll post a pic below. I wouldn’t have really believe the product line together would have made hair look that defined if I hadn’t tried it myself. I’ve truly enjoyed the line!!


Also! Quick side note and this post is done… After I put all the gel in my hair I added Shea Butter in my hair as well, while it was still wet with products, so my hair wouldn’t dry out and so it wouldn’t feel crunchy when it dried….

So would I recommend this product to other type 4s? Most definitely! I can’t promise the same results because none of is are the same, but I can recommend that you at least try it out for yourself and see how it works for you. You just might be equally presently surprised! 😉

Okay now I’m done…lol. Thanks for reading and I’ll continue to post more! 🙂

~love and blessing always,

New Discoveries, new hairventures…


You know new things are discovered at each new length?
For example when i first cut my hair, I discovered how aerodynamic my head was, I could feel the wind on my scalp. When I swam in water, by golly, I felt like I could swim faster, hardly any hair to inhibit my speed..lol (jk)
I discovered I had a beautiful face, I had to accept it for what it was, I couldn’t hide my forehead under bangs, my cheek bones were very pronounce and I discovered my eyes slant (never really noticed before)

I have recently discovered something new… (4/23/13)

I have recently taken my hair out of braids (they were only in for 3 weeks) and I can see the growth on my head! I’ve got 4-5 inches stretched…unstretched it looks about 1inch! (That’s almost 75% shrinkage)


Today I wore dangle earrings, and each time I turned my head, I noticed on of the dangles would get caught in my hair…this has never happened before…(with permed hair it was never an issue).. I must say this was a pleasant surprise.. Although, I did have to be patient in order to get the earrings untangled from hair… LOL
And not only that I went to scratch my scalp, and my watch yanked some strands out…owie!

What cool new discoveries are ahead? I know not! But I will certainly write when they appear!

Question: what fun and interesting things did you notice about your hair as it has grown longer??

What things have you discovered about you in the process?

Indian healing Clay mud mask


Hi all,

I just wanted to do a quick update, yesterday I put on a mud mask for  my hair to wash it…I know that for some that may seem like an oxymoron using clay/mud to wash your hair with, when in actuality many cultures around the world have used mud to clarify and remove impurities from their hair and skin.


So what I did was, I got the clay used like 2tablesppons of it, 1/8 cup of aloe versa juice and a few drops of lavender essential oil and laid it on my scalp/hair for 20 minutes and rinsed it out and I have to say I was absolutely amazed by the results!! Here is where I got the idea for my ingredients:


Here is how I created mine: http://youtu.be/MrinWPVNFAQ

First off something about the clay on your hair really, super defines your curls and coils, like to the point I was astounded by the amount and size of all my curls on my head…. Before using the clay I knew I was a type 4 but I wasn’t quite sure which subgroup I fell into. However now, I would have to say I am 4a majority 3c(in the back of my head)
for those of you reading this post I would say if you have any confusion as to what category your curls/coils/kinks might fall into try the clay it will definitely show you what your curls long to do… 😉

mud mask DSCF8611

here is short video as well…if your interested…. http://youtu.be/CZVOvXgq320

Also after rinsing out the product I noticed that there was no need for me to detangle my hair, nor did I have to use any conditioner/deep conditioner. My hair was very soft and moisturized. The only thing I added afterwards was my whipped Shea butter recipe to my hair and my hair seems more stretched than usual…

My recommendation? Try it! I think its awesome and I will regularly use this as part of my hair regimen 🙂

results after wash and my hair style


2strand twists with flat twists on the side

DSCF8616 DSCF8617DSCF8620

New YouTube Channel


Hi All!

I just recently started a youtube channel as well. I will uploading videos in the weeks to come. I hope that you can take some time and check it out! Please let me know what you think, if you have any comments or suggestions or questions I am totally open! Feel free to ask 🙂 Below is a link to my first video 🙂


Thank you, God Bless!